Donnan Family | In-Home Family Session

Come with me as I step into the warmth of the Donnan household! In our recent in-home family photo session, the Donnan family welcomed me with open arms, inviting me into their world of cozy, weekend family time. I captured their shared love for creativity while they painted watercolour masterpieces. A few genuine moments were captured as Kruze and Mom brewed delicious hot drinks for the whole family, together, while Dad, Journey, and Taylor cuddled on the living room floor reading their beloved books. After these quiet moments, with Taylor Swift tunes blasting, I captured the essence of their family bond – genuine, unscripted, and full of laughter as they danced and chased each other around the kitchen.

With a documentary-style approach, in their own home doing their ordinary activities, it allowed the Donnan family to embrace the freedom to be themselves! If you’re seeking authentic, heartwarming moments frozen in time, an in-home session with me promises to capture the soul of your family’s unique story.

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