Love has a way of making ordinary moments extraordinary, and for Jack and Kyla, their engagement session was nothing short of magical! As their photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the pure joy and undeniable connection they share.

Our adventure took place on a rooftop parking garage in downtown Edmonton. The cityscape, with the sun glowing and shining down on us through the buildings, made the perfect backdrop. Jack and Kyla did an incredible job at diving into each prompt I gave them, embracing the silliness, allowing their connection and personalities to shine through. We probably laughed the entire time we were all together!

What truly made this engagement session unique was our pizza break! I wanted create some fun memories for them and sharing pizza and coca-cola seemed like the perfect idea. I snuck a few pieces in between taking photos 😉

As the sun dipped below the smaller buildings behind us, casting the absolute best golden light for our final images, we wrapped up the session and said our goodbyes. Jack and Kyla’s summer wedding promises to be an extension of this love story, and I am privileged to be the one capturing these precious moments for them!

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